sewing Pooh Overalls for Baby Boy
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Pooh Bear Overalls for the 11-Month Old Boy

When I was pregnant the second time around, I remember being partially thrilled that we were having a boy, and partially really bummed that I wouldn’t be sewing as many ruffles as I had for my daughter. I actually wondered if I would have much motivation to sew for him at all, because in my mind “boy” clothes were just so much less exciting than girl clothes! While my overall kid sewing has been a little less this year, both for my baby boy and my toddler girl, I certainly haven’t found myself uninspired to sew for him! 

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sewing the Art Gallery Bearfinity LLK Wellesley Overalls
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Baby Boy Overalls with Art Gallery and Minerva

This outfit has been some time in the making! I originally picked out this pattern thinking that I would sew him a cute pair of shortalls before the weather got cool last summer / autumn. However, as usual, I grossly overestimated the amount of time and motivation I’d have in the sewing room, and I just never quite got around to making them for him. I kept the pattern at the back of my mind, though, and when this lovely Art Gallery cotton poplin made its way into my fabric collection courtesy of Minerva, I knew EXACTLY what my boy needed!

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sewing the third birthday outfit
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Bug’s CUSTOM Third Birthday Outfit

ery year of my girl’s life, I’ve made her a special outfit to celebrate her birthday in. The first two years were pretty dresses. Her third birthday fell just shortly after her Tio’s wedding, so we decided that she’d wear the pretty dress we made for the rehearsal for her birthday party to keep up the pretty dress tradition. But this year, my girl was old enough to make a special request of her own for an outfit. 

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sewing a newborn Coverall
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Baby’s Coming Home Outfit in Art Gallery Knit with Minerva

I love coverall patterns, but I’d always found them very intimidating with my first baby. Making something so small – especially with special tiny details, like the footies on this coverall – seemed like such a daunting task. How would I manipulate the fabric through the machines when there was so little surface area for me to hold and work with? I was also very intimidated by the idea of snaps, because try as I might, the snap tools I’d tried continued to fail me and I’d lose snaps mid-diaper change on me-mades on a regular basis. I didn’t make too many things for my daughter when she was a baby, because it felt like so much time and effort (and often, frustration!) for something that she would only wear fleetingly.

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