pattern testing the Mave Skirt with The Fabric Sales
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Testing the Mave Skirt Pattern with The Fabric Sales

One of my goals for 2021 has been to say yes to a few less collaboration projects – while I love them SO much, I often feel like I’m letting people down if I don’t complete my projects quickly enough, and then I feel stressed out about something that is normally my favorite mechanism for relaxation! That being said, I’m simply trying to be more mindful about the projects I do take on overall… Will it fill a gap in my wardrobe? Can I use it to make something I already wanted / planned to make? Is it different from what I already have on hand? Is the company one I’m excited to support? And lastly… Is it so extra special that I just can’t pass it up? This project, though, was a combination of 2 things that I was VERY excited to add to my list of collaborations this year!

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Sewing a Maternity Naomi Maxi Dress with Minerva

Ever since I had the opportunity to travel through Italy and Spain, I’ve loved olive leaves. In person, Olive Trees are so beautiful – the colors are unusual and catch my eye every time, and the leaves are so small and dainty. When I saw this olive leaf print from Art Gallery Fabrics, I knew I wanted it in my wardrobe. The color palette is so pretty – though I’ve still not been quite able to figure out my own personal color palette, I do always find that I feel great about the way greens look on me, and I find myself drawn to them. This print has a great balance of bright and muted tones, and I feel like it is lovely for summer.

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sewing the Wissew Camelia Dress
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July Monthly Make My Stash – Wissew Camelia (Maxi!) Dress

I’ve never purchased so much yardage of one fabric at once as I did with this Art Gallery cotton voile! A couple of years ago, when By Hand London first released the Alix Dress pattern, I fell in love with the idea of the Alix Dress in this dreamy, dark floral, and purchased the SIX YARDS of this fabric needed to sew it up. I had dreams of the boho vibes a maxi version of the dress would give, but other projects continued to take priority and it kept getting put off, as I had nowhere in particular to wear it.

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