sewing a birthday Pearl Dress from Coco Fabric
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Buggy’s 4th Birthday Coco Dress – WITH pom poms!

My baby girl is 4 (well, yesterday)! And of course, we have a new dress to celebrate the occasion! While a new birthday outfit has been a standard since she was born, last year was the first year that she really got involved with telling me how she wanted her outfit to look (see last year’s special request dress and bell-bottom set!). This year, she came with two requests again – a comfy knit dress, and a “twirly” dress. She picked the knit fabric earlier in the year during a trip to JoAnn, but we made a special trip to choose what she wanted for the “twirly” dress. This girl loves all things Nightmare Before Christmas, so I chose a week when the licensed character fabrics were on sale, assuming that she’d pick something Jack and Sally-related. She surprised me with her fabric choice, but I love it just as much as she does! A tossed print featuring the sugar skulls of the Coco characters!

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sewing an SLP Co. Adelyn's Scoop Back Dress for Picture Day
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A Picture Day Dress for the Little Girl – custom picked by her!

When the little girl’s Picture Day was coming up, we headed straight into the sewing room to check out our options. I started to pull down a few things that I thought she might like, and her little eyes LIT UP when I grabbed this one. This was a small cut, maybe ½ yard, of cotton that had been sent to me as a gift when I placed an order with D&H Fabrics a couple of years ago. I thought it was so adorable, but never quite knew what I might use it for. I’m so glad I held onto it, because this little girl came up with some excellent plans. Doggy fabric for the win! I pulled out a couple of options for coordinates, and just like her mama at that age, she set her sights on the hot pink. Decisions were made, and now it was up to me to deliver!

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