sewing the third birthday outfit
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Bug’s CUSTOM Third Birthday Outfit

ery year of my girl’s life, I’ve made her a special outfit to celebrate her birthday in. The first two years were pretty dresses. Her third birthday fell just shortly after her Tio’s wedding, so we decided that she’d wear the pretty dress we made for the rehearsal for her birthday party to keep up the pretty dress tradition. But this year, my girl was old enough to make a special request of her own for an outfit. 

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sewing a newborn Coverall
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Baby’s Coming Home Outfit in Art Gallery Knit with Minerva

I love coverall patterns, but I’d always found them very intimidating with my first baby. Making something so small – especially with special tiny details, like the footies on this coverall – seemed like such a daunting task. How would I manipulate the fabric through the machines when there was so little surface area for me to hold and work with? I was also very intimidated by the idea of snaps, because try as I might, the snap tools I’d tried continued to fail me and I’d lose snaps mid-diaper change on me-mades on a regular basis. I didn’t make too many things for my daughter when she was a baby, because it felt like so much time and effort (and often, frustration!) for something that she would only wear fleetingly.

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sewing with Raspberry Creek Fabrics custom printed organic cotton spandex jersey
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RCF “Favorite Things” Blog Tour – Christmas Coffee in July!

The “Favorite Things” Blog Tour has started over at Raspberry Creek Fabrics, and I am thrilled to be a part of it this year! This year, the Blog Tour accompanies a big, fun announcement from RCF! Historically, they run a selection of super fun CLUB Prints for a limited time, and those prints go into retirement when next year’s line is released. I didn’t discover Raspberry Creek Fabrics early enough to get in on some of my favorite prints that I’ve seen others use, so this has always been such a bummer to me. Along with the Blog Tour, though, they’ve announced that their previous CLUB lines will soon be available to purchase, no matter when the release date. You can read all about that HERE! They’ve also announced a number of new substrates to be included as options for those lines to be printed on! I was SO excited to hear this, and quickly dove down a deep hole of old CLUB lines trying to decide what print I wanted to work with, now that I had access to them all! It was a HARD choice to decide which to work with first!

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sewing a VFT Juniper Dress in Michael Miller critter jersey fabric
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Sewing a Toddler’s Critter Juniper Dress with Minerva

Between proactively preparing this pattern, a slight delay in delivery, and another bit of a delay in actual sewing, this dress turned into a cute tunic top! Once I’d finally sewn it, I went to get my girl dressed in her cute new dress and it turns out the coordinating leggings I’d sewn at the last moment were an excellent decision. In the months since I cut and pasted my pattern, this girl had GROWN! While the 2T still fit her perfectly width-wise, she had shot up like a weed recently and what was intended to be a dress is instead a very cute little tunic! It is crazy how quickly time passes. To be fair, she is pretty regularly in size 3T these days, but my brain hadn’t quite put all of that together when cutting out this dress. I was just happy to be so prepared!

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