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Pooh Bear Overalls for the 11-Month Old Boy

October 2, 2022

When I was pregnant the second time around, I remember being partially thrilled that we were having a boy, and partially really bummed that I wouldn’t be sewing as many ruffles as I had for my daughter. I actually wondered if I would have much motivation to sew for him at all, because in my mind “boy” clothes were just so much less exciting than girl clothes! While my overall kid sewing has been a little less this year, both for my baby boy and my toddler girl, I certainly haven’t found myself uninspired to sew for him! 

One of my favorite things for this guy to wear is OVERALLS. I mean seriously, they are so stinking cute. I made a pair of the Wellesley Overalls for him earlier this year, and quickly printed out a couple of larger sizes in the pattern so that I’d have it ready at hand to sew more as he grew! I had the chance to make a somewhat matchy pair of overalls for my boy and the baby boy of a great friend of mine recently, and I think they turned out SO cute.

I had purchased some small cuts (about 1 yard) of each of these cute Winnie the Pooh fabrics separately, both with the idea that I’d make something for the baby at some point. I really had no plans, but I thought the prints would be so precious on them. So when I went about planning out some pairs of overalls, this seemed like the perfect fit.

I had some of this baby cord leftover from a skirt I’d made a couple of years ago, and it was the perfect shade of red to add some accents to both pairs of overalls. For my son’s, I also included a little bit of Liberty cotton lawn on the button tabs that matches a Cielo Top of mine. I’m hoping for some matching mama / baby moments soon!

I used my SnapSource snap setter tool when adding the crotch snaps for both pairs, and I was shocked when I found my snaps not securing completely. This tool had never failed me before, and was in fact a very much needed answer to a failure of a tool I’d used previously. I started getting so annoyed, thinking that the tool was messing up after only 10 or so uses, and then as I grumpily cleaned up my space for the night, I realized that the snap setter hadn’t failed me after all! I’d simply forgotten to use the stone plate underneath to hammer on to! I’d been hammering the tool while it sat on my cutting board, which understandably is NOT as sturdy as the stone provided with the tool. I embarrassingly removed the snaps I’d inserted without all my tools, affixed the new snaps with the help of the stone beneath the snap setter tool, and it has been smooth sailing ever since. I’m so sorry I ever doubted you, awesome snap setter!

My little guy turns ONE mid-August, so I’m hoping to sew up another little something here for him soon – maybe just a sweet little tiny tee or something. Turns out, sewing for teeny boys isn’t so bad after all!

Overalls: handmade by me
Pattern: Little Lizard King – Wellesley Overalls
Fabric: Winnie the Pooh Quilting Cotton from my collection

Key Ingredients: 
Brother XR9500PRW Sewing Machine 
Brother 1034D Overlocker 
Dahle 36×48 Self-healing Cutting Mat
Prym Sewing Machine Needles
Gutermann Sew All Polyester Sewing Thread

Thanks for reading my thoughts on this pattern! Both the fabric and pattern used for this post were purchased by me. All words and opinions expressed throughout this post are my own, as always. Links provided throughout this post may be affiliate links – if you choose to purchase any products through these links, I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you. This simply helps me justify the costs of my sewing habit and the time it takes to share it with you!! Happy Sewing!

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