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May / June 2019 Recap

July 18, 2019

I’m back for round three of my bi-monthly recaps! I did a little better sewing up stash fabrics in May/June than I did in March/April, but still not quite as good as in January/February. I still participated in quite a bit of collaboration sewing again over this 2-month period, but I am so happy to say that I haven’t purchased any fabric since my IndieSew purchase in February / March! I’m really enjoying getting to make up some of my fabrics into garments I’ve had in my brain for awhile, and shopping my stash when I want to try a new pattern. This was a bottom heavy couple of months, with skirts / pants / shorts making a big bang in my handmade wardrobe. Without any further delay, here’s my makes!!


The Floral Pencil Skirt

This awesome neon floral scuba has been sitting on my shelf since I was pregnant, just waiting to be made into a pencil skirt! The neon colors make it fun enough to wear casually, but the silhouette also allows it to potentially transition into the work setting with the right top and accessory pairing!


The Matching Lemon Set

We went comfy, casual, and cute for my first Mother’s Day – but I couldn’t pass up such a perfect opportunity for matching outfits! I was given the opportunity to choose some fabrics from So Sew English fabrics earlier this year, and this lemon print caught my eye. For some reason, I’m always drawn to lemon prints! I ordered enough of it to make a summer tank for myself, and some cute pants for little one. I sized up in her pants, so she should be able to get a good 3 months wear out of them. Our matching outfits were perfect for Mother’s Day snuggles.


The Be Dreamy Dress

I made this dress to correlate with Ellie and Mac’s Wacky Wednesday promotion. Each week on Wednesday, they choose a handful of their patterns to offer for only $1! It was a great opportunity to sew up another of their patterns (I’ve made a few of their patterns over the past year, and have enjoyed all of them!), as well as a great opportunity to use up another great fabric from my stash. This is a pretty different silhouette for me, as I normally prefer a pretty fitted waist / bodice, but it is a fun change from the norm and I loved the details on this pattern!


The Swiss Dot Summer Day Top and Romper

I wasn’t quite sure what this fabric would be when I picked it out, but I’m so happy with what it turned into! This might be my favorite Summer Day Top yet (it’s number three for anyone out there keeping score), and some of that may be slightly influenced by the sweet matching Romper I made for my girl! We wore this to celebrate my sister’s high school graduation, and I enjoyed so much that we had such cute matching outfits in this soft, light swiss dot!


The Mandy Boat Tee

I haven’t stopped wearing this since it came off of my sewing machine. I was so excited to find out that this design had been released on this lush crepe jersey; it is so stylish! This was my first Mandy Boat Tee, and it certainly won’t be my last. I love this silhouette, especially in this busy fabric, and I’m looking forward to working more of these into my wardrobe as I finally phase out some of my old t-shirts.


The Jarrah Sweater

I normally shy away from shades of yellow, but this ochre color has been so well-loved this year that I’d been looking for an opportunity to try it out. This sweatshirt fleece is way too warm for these Texas summers, but I can’t wait to wear it come autumn. I chose this color and pattern in particular to pair with the fabric I’d chosen for my Lander shorts, which you’ll see below!


The Avocado Tank & Pants

Another Pony Tank / Big Butt Pants combo for a mama / mini matching set – this time in avocados instead of lemons! I liked that we didn’t match perfectly for this one. Although I knew that the light pink version of this fabric was going to be perfect for my tiny girl, I wasn’t sure I would wear that colorway all that frequently. Once I found the navy, I figured it was a perfect set! I’ve loved silly, novelty prints forever, but they are so much more fun now that I can work them into a twinning set!


The South Shore Romper

I’ve had my eye on this romper pattern since it was released by Ellie & Mac Patterns, so when they offered it up as part of their Wacky Wednesday promotion, I was so excited! The way the pattern walks through fitting modifications meant that I ended up with a knit romper that fits my long torso better than any I’ve ever tried on in a store. It’s also perfectly nursing friendly, without stripping down or showing any extra midriff, which is a super win in my book.


The Orchid Midi Dress

I’ve loved the Orchid pattern since it was first released, but the fact that it was included in the lineup for Sew My Style this year was the push I needed to finally get around to making it. I sewed it up in this beautiful large-scale floral form Lady McElroy, and I’m all about the 70s vibes it is giving me.


The Lander Shorts

These shorts have been in my mind for over a year now! I purchased this fabric last year, with Lander Shorts in mind, fully knowing they were out of the picture for summer 2019 thanks to my baby belly! I had hoped to make them first thing this year, but they got pushed back a little later than I’d planned. They are in heavy rotation now, and I’m so proud of myself for making these. This was my first foray into a more fitted, top-stitched, official pant of any sort, and definitely gave me the confidence I needed going into making jeans this month!


The Sloth Romper

Possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever made? This romper features a fabric covered in cute little black and white sloths, that turn colors in the sunlight! I couldn’t love it more than I do. My little one’s room is decorated in sloths, so this fabric won my heart immediately. The romper was a quick sew, and looks super cute on her tiny baby bod!


The Winslow Culottes

More pants!! I’m totally on a roll over here (and spoiler alert – my first make of the next couple months was also pants!!!) I’ve been eyeing the Winslows for awhile now, in my search for the perfect swishy summer pants pattern. They definitely did not disappoint! The mix of the wide leg silhouette and this leafy fabric have me longing for a trip to an all-inclusive beach resort, to put these things in their most natural setting! In the meantime, I’ll settle for wearing them around here to beat the Texas heat.


And now for the numbers…

Garments Sewn: 15

Planned Garments: 9

Unplanned Garments: 6

Sewn from Stash Fabrics: 4

Sewn from Collaboration Fabrics: 11

Sewn from New Fabrics: 0

I mentioned at the end of my March / April recap that I was looking forward to May and June including a few less collaborations. As you can see by the numbers above, I still ended up with quite a few collaboration pieces, but I’m SO happy with all of them. A few of the garments I’ve made have been on ridiculously heavy rotations already (here’s looking at you, Mandy Boat Tee) and are clearly some of the favorite garments I’ve ever sewn.

Which piece is your favorite??

  • XX Elizabeth

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