March April sewing recap

March / April 2019 Recap

May 12, 2019

Time for another Recap post! This is a new thing I’ve started this year to help me focus on my sewing goals and reflect back on what I’ve made periodically throughout the year. I’m really trying to take this year in bite-size chunks as far as my sewing plans go, so at the beginning of the year I decided I would stick to 2-month intervals! I really enjoyed doing a recap post at the end of the first two month interval, and plan to keep these up throughout the year. If you want to learn a little more about this process and my sewing goals for the year, check back at my Jan / Feb recap post!!

This two month interval was filled with collaborations – and for this reason, I didn’t sew much from my stash. I was thrilled to be asked to participate in the Style Maker Fabrics Spring blog tour, as well as another collaboration with Pine Crest Fabrics, AND a new pattern promotion with Deer and Doe! All of this on top of my planned quarterly make with Stylish Fabrics meant I didn’t have a lot of time or wiggle room for additional projects, but it did give me the opportunity to really think out each of these collaborations and actually come up with a really great combination of makes! If you want to learn more about any of these projects, click the name of each to link over to the blog post!

The Portobello Trousers
These things were a DOOZY. I purchased this fabric after sewing up 2 other fabrics from my stash in January / February, and I immediately knew I wanted to sew it up into a pair of pants to complement my Adrienne Blouse – I loved the way the colors paired together. I had a feeling this fabric might be the wrong choice, and indeed, it gave me a challenge – the pants originally came out EIGHT inches too big in the waist due to the fabric growing on me! In the end, I ended up with wearable pants, but I’ll be using a Tencel Twill or something more predictable for my next pair of Portobellos…

sewing Portobello Trousers


The Rosalinda Top
This fabric was a gamble for me! I love yellow, but I’m never quite sure I can pull it off (I’ve found it works better when I’m brunette than blonde!). I decided to give it a try, and I actually love this shade. I must’ve been feeling ambitious when pairing this fabric with this pattern in my head – the pattern has side seams as well as center front and back seams, so I had to do my best to stripe match across four different fabrics!!! This top was part of the Style Maker Fabrics Spring Style Blog Tour.

sewing style maker fabrics spring blog tour


The Blackwood Cardigan
I have another Blackwood that I absolutely love, so this was an easy pick for me! I wanted a layering piece for my Style Maker Fabrics look, and this also coincided perfectly with the SewMyStyle make for the month! I knew that I wanted to play with the texture of the fabric by using the alternate side for the cuffs, bands, and pocket tops, but I had a hard time deciding which side should be used as the main fabric! I ultimately went with the smooth side as the main, the textured as the detail… But I kind of wish I’d done it the other way around!

sewing style maker fabrics spring blog tour


The Boardwalk Shorts
The focal point of my Style Maker Fabrics blog tour post, these shorts were my first venture into Tencel Twill and I. AM. IN. LOVE. This pattern also fit well with the #sewthatpatternnow hashtag fun going on in the Instagram community – I’ve had this pattern for almost two years! I absolutely love these, and I am so pleased with the outfit I ended up with when I pair these with the Rosalinda top!

sewing style maker fabrics spring blog tour


The Agave Skirt
This was a bonus make that I squeezed into an already packed month… But when Deer & Doe asks if you want to help promote one of their wonderful patterns, you just don’t say no. Luckily, this gave me an opportunity I wouldn’t have otherwise had this month to break into my fabric stash and sew something I already had! I was excited to use this canvas fabric that has been sitting around for quite awhile… AND it is reversible! You might recognize the flip side from my Marie Skirt last year! I made a really dumb mistake on this one, but it didn’t affect wearability so in the end it all worked out!

sewing the Agave skirt


The Baby Patricia & Bloomers
Oh my goodness gracious. These are my favorite makes of the month! I haven’t made enough mama / mini matching sets, but Easter was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a super cute, ruffly dress for my girl! I absolutely love how this set turned out, and I can’t wait to make more matching things!

sewing Baby Patricia and Brindille Twig Bloomers


The Summer Day Top
This was the mama side of the mama / mini set. I wanted to make something that would match the ruffliness of her pretty Easter dress, but would also be something I would wear on a regular basis. As expected, the Summer Day Top pattern totally came through for me. This is a perfect top for the warm weather that has been rapidly moving in here in north Texas! Flowy, comfy, and totally workable for nursing the little one. Both this top and the dress above were made in partnership with Minerva Crafts, so keep an eye out for a full post over on their blog later this year!


The Anna Skirt
This skirt was inspired by an Anthropologie skirt I fell in love with on pinterest YEARS ago. I think it turned out even better than the original! I used a double border crepe chiffon fabric from Stylish Fabric, and the bright, bold colors are so perfect for spring and summer. It was my first time sewing with crepe chiffon, and while it is certainly not my favorite substrate, I was pleasantly surprised that it went as well as it did! I’m always so happy with a successful pinspiration make!

sewing the BHL Anna skirt


The Baby Leggings
These were just a quick little make for my girl out of necessity! As she grew out of her 0-3 month clothes and into her 3-6 month clothes, we found that she’d grown out of most of her pink leggings! So I whipped her up a quick pair out of some fabric I’d been saving on the shelf for her. Baby patterns take no time at all to sew up, I love that I can do this for her!

sewing Peg Legs and Good Sport Top with PineCrest Fabrics


The Peg Legs
The blog post I wrote for these and the top below was my favorite blog post I wrote over the last 2 months. It feels so good to just be real and honest sometimes, and let the thoughts that swirl around your head get out into the open. You guys know I’m a big fan of the Peg Legs pattern to begin with, and I’m super excited about adding these to my collection of Peg Legs! This awesome fabric is from PineCrest fabrics, and it is the best Tim Burton-esque black and white textured illusion spandex!

sewing Peg Legs and Good Sport Top with PineCrest Fabrics


The Good Sport Top
I love a good open back! This pattern caught my eye because of the back detail, and I love that I can pair it with all sorts of bralettes and sports bras to get different, fun looks. This fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles, and is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics in the world. How awesome is that? I had to make a couple of minor modifications to make the sizing work well on me, but I ultimately love this top and how perfectly it pairs with the leggings!

sewing Peg Legs and Good Sport Top with PineCrest Fabrics


And now for the numbers…
Garments Sewn: 12
Planned Garments: 7
Unplanned Garments: 5
Sewn from Stash Fabrics: 2 (1 for baby, and 1 garment that used 2 fabrics – it was reversible!!)
Sewn from Collaboration Fabrics:  8
Sewn from New Fabrics: 2 (but one of them was baby bloomers, so I’m not sure it counts!)


These months were super heavy on collaborations, and I didn’t have the opportunity to sew much from my stash. I have worn all of the things I’ve made multiple times already, though, and that makes me super happy. I truly enjoyed participating in all of the collaborations that I did, but I think that this made me realize that I do actually have to say no to things sometimes, even when it is a great opportunity. There just isn’t time in the day to do it all! I was able to say yes to all of the things that came my way except for one in March and April, but I am happy to look forward into May / June and see fewer partnerships on the board (though not none!). On the other hand, however, I will say that I am a textbook obliger, and I am curious to see if I can treat myself to as much time in the sewing room if I don’t feel like I have to get something made on someone else’s schedule.

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