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Waffle Knit Tabor V-Neck

January 3, 2019

I will be honest, I’m not sure what I’m more in love with – this lush, squishy, perfectly charcoal grey waffle knit, or the Tabor V-Neck pattern. One thing is for sure, since I whipped this thing up, I haven’t wanted to wear anything else.

I fell in love with the Tabor pattern as soon as it was released, and I recently realized it is such a close replica of my favorite RTW sweater in my closet! I bought three fabrics right away that I knew were meant to be Tabor sweaters… Surprisingly, this wasn’t actually one of them! Back in early autumn, before baby got here, I planned to sew up a few sweaters that would work at the very end of pregnancy with my giant belly, and still fit well after. I waffled back and forth on Instagram stories for a week or so, asking your opinions on this and a striped beige sweater knit, deciding which should be a Tabor and which should be a Waterfall Raglan. I was more focused on the Waterfall Raglan at that time, and ended up choosing the stripes for it (you can see how that turned out here!) , which left this waffle knit for the Tabor… and it was an unexpected match made in heaven.

sewing Tabor

This fabric came from IndieSew in the early autumn, and if I remember correctly there were a handful of colors available. This fabric is a dream, and I wish I’d purchased a bolt of it in every color! It is heavy enough to provide some weight, and keeps me warm enough when it it’s cool outside. The drape is beautiful, but the best thing about it is how thick and spongey it is. It is supple and squishy, and it absorbed my stitches so well that I can hardly see them if I’m not hunting for them! Allie, if you’re reading this, please restock more of this if you ever find it again! Fellow IndieSew shoppers, I kid you not – if you purchased this in any color and don’t know if you’re going to use it, I’m your girl. I’ll buy it right off ya!

sewing Tabor

The Tabor pattern gets just as much praise here. I chose to sew up the long sleeved, sweater view. I am so impressed with the instructions for this pattern, specifically the chunky V neckline. I had some big concerns that I might totally butcher this main focal point of the top, but thanks to the lovely and straightforward instructions, that V-neck came out looking fabulous. The only area I ran into a little trouble was the angles of the side vents. My corners and sides look great, but I always seem to end up catching the fabric just a little too high up on side vents, causing the top angle to look a little messy and less polished. Hopefully with more practice I can remedy this situation, as I plan to make many more of this version – though all the versions are so cute, there’s just something about this one. It is my perfect sweater!

sewing Tabor

I spent the first day of the year in this top (paired with my Haori jacket!), and I plan to wear it at least one million times this year. Though it isn’t the fanciest or flashiest thing in my closet, this is easily my favorite and most useful make yet. So here’s to another year of sewing great garments. Happy 2019!

sewing Tabor

Sweater: handmade by me
Pattern: Sew House 7 – Tabor V-Neck (View 4)
Fabric: IndieSew Fabrics – Waffle Knit Modal Charcoal Grey
Key Ingredients: Heat & Bond Soft Stretch (Lite)

Though the fabric used in this post was generously provided to me by IndieSew, all opinions expressed are my own, as always!

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