sewing a Toaster sweater

Navy Toaster Sweater

February 18, 2019

I made this Toaster Sweater back in the autumn of 2017. I went and took a couple of cute blog photos in it, and have been wearing it fairly regularly ever since. Recently, I realized that despite all of that, I’d never actually written a blog post to go with this wardrobe staple! So here I am, finally correcting that.

sewing a Toaster sweater

It is possible that I never wrote this blog post because there just isn’t anything wild or new that I could say about the Toaster Sweater. I think that as long as I have been involved in the online sewing community, this pattern has been everyone’s cool weather sweetheart. After I made my first version, I fell in love and needed more! This navy version came about after a trip to JoAnn, when I passed this fabric and figured that a navy ponte was the most perfect, basic color for this lovely wardrobe staple!

sewing the Toaster sweater

The Toaster is a great, simple sew. At the time that I made this one, I was still uncomfortable with sewing knits, and it still came out so nice. The mitered corners are my favorite touch, but the great neckline is a close second. I love the way it is constructed… Though I do think that in the future, I may serge the edges of the neck that fold under, just to have that little finishing touch.

sewing the Toaster sweater

This sweater has served me so well. I’ve paired it with jeans and cute flats, leggings and boots (probably my favorite look!), and most recently, I’m loving it with my tie-dye leggings that I posted just a few posts ago! It is soft and cuddly, and one of my favorite lounge shirts at the moment.

sewing tie-dye peg legs

Sweater: Handmade by Me!
Pattern: SewHouse7 – Toaster Sweater 2
Fabric: JoAnn – Navy Ponte
Key Ingredients: Twin Needle (i love this set from Amazon, because it has multiple different widths!)

sewing the Toaster sweater

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