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#MeMadeFall2017 – Cardigans

October 22, 2017

Happy October 22nd! If you have been following along with #MeMadeFall2017, you’ll remember that today marks the kick-off of our second wardrobe category of makes – CARDIGANS! The perfect, timeless autumn wardrobe staple. (Bonus – this times out perfectly right along with the closure of the #CosyCardiChallenge on instagram!)

I was super excited that I was chosen to head up this month of Me Made Fall, especially when I started dreaming up fitted cardigans with longer length added. I searched and searched for the perfect pattern for what I had in mind, and along the way found so many other cardigan patterns that I want to try in the future. Ultimately, I fell in love with the Blackwood Cardigan by Helen’s Closet. I had envisioned something slim fitting, but with a touch of drama, extending down to about mid-calf. Luckily, it seems that Helen herself though this might be a great idea, and had already put together a little tutorial for that here.

this color is divine.

For my make, I simply followed along with her great instructions, adding a total of about 15 inches to the pattern pieces (10.4 inches to the front band pieces) to get my desired length. (For reference, I am 5’8”).

This was my first time making this pattern, but I don’t think it will be the last! The pattern was very easy to follow, as was Helen’s tutorial on the split hem. It came together fairly quickly and easily, and could truly be whipped up in a day or slowly over a weekend. And the fit of the cardigan is so flattering – I wouldn’t mind having this in 10 different colors in my wardrobe! One of my favorite features of the pattern are the lengthened sleeves!

check out these details!

I originally planned to make this with an olive colored, double brushed poly fabric, but ended up finding this great inky green jersey fabric from Minerva Crafts. I was already ordering another fabric, and figured I should branch out of my fabric comfort zone, so I added this to my cart. It is incredibly soft on the skin, and the color is just really neat. It has a really lovely drape to it, and definitely works with the desired dramatic swooshy thing I had going on in my head. I’ve really been attracted to greens this season, so I’m excited to have built this into my handmade wardrobe in such a basic, versatile piece. I know this is going to get quite a bit of wear.

The fabric was a breeze to work with. When I opened the package the day it arrived in the mail, I was a little worried, as it does have a bit of a slinky feel to it. However, with a little pinning, it stayed right where I put it, and did just what I told it to. It took to seams and top-stitching quite well, and I feel like the outside of my garment looks quite nice. The thickness of the fabric is wonderful, as well – thin enough that you don’t feel bulky, but thick enough to keep you a bit warm. Honestly, I’m thrilled – and so glad I took a chance on this stuff!

those seams!

So now it is your turn. What will you make for this second leg of #MeMadeFall2017? Tag your makes on instagram and show off your awesome handmade wardrobe.


cardigan: handmade by me

pattern: Helen’s Closet – Blackwood Cardigan

fabric: Shimmer Stretch Jersey Knit from Minerva Crafts

cami: handmade by me⠀⠀

pattern: True Bias – Ogden Cami

fabric: Savannah Cotton Lawn from Fabric Godmother

jeans: RTW from F21

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  1. The cardigan is fabulous! I tried a different, but very similar pattern from the magazine La Maison Victor this weekend … Oh my gosh: bathrobe time … did not work out as planned at all.
    Anyway, is the cardigan at all suposed to close in the front?! I live in a colder part of the world, where this is an issue …
    Greats from Germany, Anna

    1. Anna –

      Thanks so much for your comment! I loved this pattern, and it was well-written and straightforward, not difficult to construct at all! I am sorry to hear about your cardigan – but at least you got a comfy bathrobe out of it! 🙂
      This pattern isn’t designed to close in the front, but it wouldn’t be difficult to alter it to do so. I have seen a great version on instagram that was modified to tie in the front – check it out here:
      I hope you try the pattern out, and love it as much as I have!

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