sewing denim Persephone Pants
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Natural Bull Denim Persephone Pants

I have wanted these natural denim Persephone Pants for SO LONG you guys. I am constantly scrolling through the Persephone Pants hashtag on Instagram and making lovey eyes at all of the awesome pairs that all the other sewists in the world have made. I love the interesting balance of the tapered waist and the wide leg pant, and I’ve been so intrigued by the way this pattern comes together – no side seams!

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sewing a Lady McElroy Faces Pencil Skirt
Collabs | Fabric

Lady McElroy Faces Pencil Skirt

Have you ever fallen so in love with a fabric or pattern that you just think of it constantly? That was me with this pencil skirt for about a year. I saw this fabric on Minerva back in January 2018, and couldn’t stop thinking about it ever since. Once I finally got my hands on some, I struggled!!

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sewing a DIY self-drafted Sequin Midi Skirt
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Black & Gold Self-Drafted Sequin Midi Skirt

In 2019, I had the opportunity to work with sequined fabric for the first time. I was so excited, but also a little terrified to check this cool fabric off of my sewing bucket list! I mean, what does one even DO with all of those itty bitty sequins!? I was thrilled with the opportunity, though, and ended up creating a super fun New Year’s Eve dress… and decided that working with sequins wasn’t that scary after all! So of course, I did it again.

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