scuba knit Leona Dress
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A Yellow Floral Scuba Leona Dress

Another month, another fabric that has been in my stash for far too long! This dress was my monthly “Sew My Stash” project for May of this year. I’m not sure why I chose to use the same pattern for 2 of my 12 planned makes for this year, but I don’t regret it a bit! Thanks to the cotton jersey, my April version of this dress is a bit more casual, and my favorite way to wear it is with my denim jacket and a pair of casual sandals. This one, however, feels a little more sassy – it is comfy enough that I can wear it for any occasion, but I also feel pretty in it. If the husband and I could coordinate a date night a bit more often, I think I’d be reaching for this and a pair of chunky heel sandals!

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sewing the Tammy Handmade Rhea Dress in Minerva Exclusive Fabric
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An end-of-summer Rhea Dress

As soon as I saw this fabric, it reminded me of a dress I had in college that I loved. If memory serves, that dress was a bustier-inspired bodice with a straight skirt, sewn in a sateen fabric. It had some cute details on the strap trim, which I’m realizing now I channeled into the trim I chose for this dress without even realizing it! This dress is a total departure in shape from the one I was reminded of, but it perfectly suits my current style and I am so happy with how it turned out!

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