sewing the Roscoe Blouse in a velvet burnout fabric
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Gold Velvet Burnout Roscoe Blouse

This top was meant to be ready for Holiday Season 2019, something that I could dress up and dress town in order to be outfit appropriate for any and all style of parties and get togethers! I envisioned it with skinny jeans and boots, with my red babycord mini skirt, and front tucked into a long midi skirt. It was a little hard to shine in this top at all those holiday parties, though, since I didn’t actually finish it until the end of December last year! Don’t worry, though, I’ll be just in time for all my virtual celebrations this year!

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#MeMadeFall2017 – Velvet

Alright guys, here it is – the finale of #MeMadeFall2017. Some of you may remember that the third and final installment in this super fun collaboration was VELVET. The perfect transition from fall to winter, and such a trendy fabric this year, this was the perfect way to wrap up our project. Although I planned to make more than one velvet piece for the collaboration, life got busier than I’d foreseen, and I had to narrow it down to just one piece – so of course, it had to be a showstopper. And with that, let me introduce the velvet Nettie.

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