sewing a faux suede Estelle Jacket hack with Minerva
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Stretch Faux Suede Estelle Jacket – HACKED! – with Minerva

Alright, guys. You may have noticed that I am not your go-to girl for ideas on how to hack a pattern. There are some people who inhabit that niche in the sewing world beautifully, but I am decidedly NOT one of them. Throughout my life, I’ve often thought of myself as faux-creative. What I mean by this is that if you give me a great recipe, I can give you a great meal. This holds true in the literal kitchen, where I can cook anything and everything from a recipe and make it taste pretty authentic, but if you give me a handful of items and ask me to go to town Chopped-style, you will find yourself sorely disappointed. It translates out of the kitchen, though, into almost all creative aspects of my life, including sewing. I’m always so impressed by those of you that see a RTW piece and hack an existing pattern into a perfect match… But that just ain’t me. But today, I’m showing off one of my more detailed attempts at pattern hacking!

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