sewing an animal print Southport Dress
Collabs | Fabric

Animal Print Viscose Southport Dress with Atelier Jupe Fabric

This fabric was kindly gifted to me by Atelier Jupe earlier this year, with no obligation attached. I truly feel honored to have had the chance to get familiar with this fabric company and have the chance to work with some of their fabric – it is fantastic quality and it was a joy to work with! This viscose was part of their Spring / Summer 2021 line, and I’ve already grabbed a cut from their Autumn / Winter 2021 – 2022 line to start up soon! 

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sewing the Persephone Shorts in Denim
Fabric | Patterns

Ivory Persephone Shorts – perfect for postpartum!

I’m excited to show off something new today, but I’ll be honest that this won’t be an excitingly new piece… In the fall of 2020, I sewed up a pair of Persephone Pants out of some really great ivory colored denim I’d purchased from Blackbird Fabrics. I had just enough denim leftover at the end to also cut out a pair of shorts. So this is literally the same pattern, same fabric, just shorter. Nothing groundbreaking here today, but heck, I sewed a pair of denim shorts and I feel good about that so I’m sharing anyway!

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