sewing a viscose Patina Blouse
Collabs | Fabric

My alternative to the classic white button-up

I am so excited about this top. I love to see a classic white button-up, but I’ve always felt like I was dressing up in someone else’s clothes when I try to wear one. Whether pairing it with cute trousers for work or denim shorts for a preppy look, I feel like it feels off-base from my usual style and out of place on me. So this is my own take on a collared white-ish button-up that fits my style a bit more!

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A Warp + Weft Jessica Dress

I fell in LOVE with these stripes when the Warp & Weft line was originally released back in 2020! We were well into the pandemic and I remember correctly, maybe just reaching a stage where things were starting to open again and people were starting to go out into the world masked? Every single one of my favorite online shops had sold out of this, and I thought I was doomed… Until my desperate search led me to discover a fabric shop about 25 minutes from my house, literally RIGHT on my drive home, AND they had this (and the entire warp and weft line) in stock! I reached out, and they kindly prepared my cuts of fabric and had it ready for me to pick up with minimal interaction at a time when I was very nervous to be venturing into a store. The fabric is so special and beautiful that then I was too afraid to cut into it, after such a long search, and it lived looking super cute on my shelves until I FINALLY did the dang thing in March!! 

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