Leopard Mandy Boat Tee Dress
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Leopard Mandy Boat Tee (Dress Hack!)

After those actual cheetah print Lander Shorts I made over the summer last year, I was fully on board the animal print trend – in both the classic, spotted sense, as well as the prints of actual animals version! So when this fabric popped up in a Minerva Makers call out, I was fully on board.

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sewing the Wissew Camelia Dress
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July Monthly Make My Stash – Wissew Camelia (Maxi!) Dress

I’ve never purchased so much yardage of one fabric at once as I did with this Art Gallery cotton voile! A couple of years ago, when By Hand London first released the Alix Dress pattern, I fell in love with the idea of the Alix Dress in this dreamy, dark floral, and purchased the SIX YARDS of this fabric needed to sew it up. I had dreams of the boho vibes a maxi version of the dress would give, but other projects continued to take priority and it kept getting put off, as I had nowhere in particular to wear it.

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Elizabeth stands near a stone bridge in a park in the wintertime. She is wearing a tan felt hat, and a handmade black wrap top and light colored denim jeans.
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Black Orchid Top Hack

When this fabric hit my inbox from Minerva about a year ago, I had a lightweight black blouse in mind immediately. However, when it arrived, I began to wonder where my head had been when I chose this fabric. I am absolutely a prints person – bright florals, animal prints, even silly novelty patterns, I’m your girl! When I do choose a solid, it is typically something bright – or at the least, something shiny. This was none of the above. A solid black cotton voile – soft, lightweight, and lovely… but not bright, not colorful, not printed. What in the WORLD was I going to do with this?

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sewing a nursing hack Jordy bralette
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Jordy Bralette – NURSING HACK!

Today, I’m doing something a little different here on the blog – not only am I sharing my first ever piece of me-made lingerie, I’m also going to share step-by-step how I hacked the Jordy Bralette into a nursing-friendly bralette! I don’t do a lot of pattern hacking, but this was a serious need in my wardrobe, so there was no hesitation hacking right into this one. I LOVE the outcome, and I am looking forward to making a couple more very soon to round out my bra collection.

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