sewing the Maternity Givre dress in rib knit from Stylish Fabric
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Sewing a Maternity Givre Dress with Stylish Fabric

Happy Tuesday! I’m officially 27 weeks along today, which means I’ve entered the THIRD TRIMESTER! It’s so hard to wrap my head around – it feels like our due date is so far away yet also so very, very near. We’ve definitely felt a little less urgency during this pregnancy, likely because it is our second and everything isn’t entirely new and unknown, and we’ve just now started working on planning out the nursery and moving furniture around. However, even though we’ve had the peace of mind to take some things a little slower this time around, I feel like my belly is growing even faster than it did the first time around, and maternity-friendly patterns are a MUST! I worked with a lovely Rib Knit from Stylish Fabric to create the comfiest maternity dress.

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