sewing a Fibre Mood Mindy Dress with RCF Rayon
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Breezy Striped Rayon Dress with Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Summer is coming, and my baby bump is growing – I’ve been on the search for things that are lightweight, accommodate my growing bump, and are still somewhat flattering and within my normal style aesthetic. This has not been an easy combination of things to achieve! As I began looking through the current selection of Raspberry Creek Fabrics, this fun stripe caught my eye. The colors are beautiful, and rayon seemed like a perfect option for a hot baby bump summer.

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sewing the Fibre Mood Danna Dress in Lady McElroy Tencel Lawn
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FibreMood Issue 14 Release – Danna Dress with Minerva

Big News this week!!! Issue 14 of Fibre Mood Magazine launched on Wednesday, and as you’ve probably come to expect (I definitely have!) it is packed full of fantastic patterns. I truly don’t know how they pump out such great, unique patterns in such rapid succession! For three or four issues now, I have had the distinct pleasure of choosing a pattern from the upcoming issues in exchange for promoting the pattern on launch day! I love having the opportunity to choose the pattern that feels most “me” from each issue, but I struggled more than usual this time! I’m well into my second trimester now, and my bump is POPPING, so I have to consider my new beach ball belly when considering how the patterns will work for me. I typically like cropped length tops and dresses with cinched-in waist details, but clearly those may not be my best options right now!

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sewing the Drawcord Sweatshirt
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StreetStyle Patterns – Drawcord Sweatshirt

So get this – I made this awesome sweatshirt in June 2018. The pattern release got delayed, and then somehow there was a mix-up and I never realized that this pattern got released! I was casually scrolling through the Brindille & Twig website recently, when I found that – surprise! – this pattern finally did make it out into the world! So here’s my much-belated post on this pattern, truly written about a year ago!I didn’t change any of my originally written post, so if the timing of things (such as my pregnant belly) doesn’t quite add up with what you know of me today, that is probably why. Without further ado….

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sewing the Nikko Dress
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Teal Nikko Sweater Dress

I’m back today with Nikko Dress number two of three for 2018! As you may remember, I fell in love with this dress earlier this year when I sewed up my dusty pink version LINK and realized how well it worked with my pregnant belly. I had a couple of other rib knits in my fabric stash, and immediately cut out two more colorways – this lovely teal version, and another in olive green. The olive green is still sitting on my table, waiting for a free minute to be sewn up, but this lovely one was the next top priority. I wanted something to wear to my baby shower with my Oklahoma friends and family that would show off my pretty pink earrings, without going over the top head to toe pink. This color was the perfect option – a color I love, that pairs great with pink, and worked perfectly for my second Nikko vision.

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