sewing Pumpkin Patch costumes for Halloween
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DIY Halloween Costume – Pumpkin Princess and her Pumpkin Patch

It is OCTOBER! Time really flies – I’m more than halfway through my 12 week maternity leave, which is very bittersweet. We have an exciting month ahead of us in October. My brother-in-law will finally get married, after many COVID-related delays. My baby girl will turn THREE years old! And we will celebrate Halloween… Maybe in a more typical fashion than last year? Remains to be seen. I normally stay VERY up to date on posting my makes here on the blog, but as I’ve had some time to look through photos while I’ve been on maternity leave, I’ve realized that I missed a couple over the past year! Luckily, this one is just as relevant this year as it would’ve been last year, especially if you are looking for a fun (and simple!) family Halloween costume to DIY this month!

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sewing the I Am Lion pattern in ivory lurex sweat shirting with Minerva
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I Am Lion in Ivory Lurex Sweatshirting with Minerva

I originally chose this lovely, ivory colored fabric with the intent of adding a cute, very neutral piece to my wardrobe. I figured it would be something that I could pair with almost anything, adding accessories to outfits to make it brighter or more neutral. But then Tabitha Sewer came along with her snazzy button collection this past spring, and I had to add some extra to this sweatshirt right away!

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sewing the I Am Zebra sweatshirt with Minerva
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I Am Zebre in Petrol with Minerva

This sweatshirt was really the inspiration for all of the sewing for my trip to Spain in early 2020! As you may recall from some of my previous blog posts about my Spain travel wardrobe, cute and comfortable sweatshirts were really the main agenda when I decided to sew up an entire suitcase worth of clothes in one week. I wanted my clothes to be able to withstand long hours dragging suitcases up and down cobblestone streets while pushing my girl in a stroller, but also to make me look intentional and put together, not like someone who just rolled out of bed and into a Cathedral for a tour.

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sewing I AM Lion sweatshirt
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I Am Lion with Stylish Fabric

Are you really a sewist if you aren’t frantically sewing up new me-made garments the week before your trip? Yeah, I didn’t think so. My priority for this trip was to create a few looks that would make me feel put together while still being comfortable enough for travel, and warm enough to be outdoors. I purchased the I AM Patterns Lion and Zebre set over the Black Friday weekend, and I knew these would both be perfect for my travel plans. Comfy cozy sweatshirts? Check. Special details that made them just a little extra? Check. (Here’s where you “check” it out on the blog!)

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