sewing the Sirocco Top and Ania Tunic
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Coffee + Thread Fall Blog Tour 2020

Hello! I am so excited about his post today! I was asked a month or so back to take part in the Coffee + Thread Fall Blog Tour, and I was truly so excited. Olga had asked a couple of years ago if I would like to be a part of the Madrid Dress Blog Tour, but unfortunately my schedule just wouldn’t allow for it at the time. I was pretty bummed, but I LOVED seeing all the beautiful dresses that were showcased as part of the tour. When another chance came around to participate, you can bet I was jumping on board!

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A Spooky Post!

Want to know the best time of year to go all out with those novelty prints in your stash? Holidays. Truly, what is more novelty than a dress that is only appropriate 1/12 of the year? Not a whole lot. So today, I’m excited to share with you my small (but growing!) collection of Halloween themed dresses!

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