sewing the Closet Core Cielo Top in Liberty Lawn
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Slightly Modified Liberty Cielo Top with Minerva

Whoops – I wrote this post in real time after sewing this top back in April of 2021. Somehow, despite having the post written and photos taken, I did not get this post published! So better late than never, here is the slightly modified Cielo Top I sewed using a beautiful Liberty Lawn kindly gifted to me from Minerva. It served me well over the past many months, but this fabric is perfect for autumn and is really about to shine as the temps get cooler!

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Iris Kalle Crop Top

It is Kalle month here in the Sew My Style Community! How are you coming along with yours? Whether you’re still looking for some direction or elbow deep in your project, you’ve got plenty of resources! If you missed it, I recently did a post with some fabric and styling inspiration! Another great place to look for ideas is by using the hashtag #KalleShirtDress on Instagram. This is a VERY popular make amongst sewists, you could scroll for days gathering great ideas! Today, though – I’m here to show you all my finished Kalle!

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Kalle Inspiration – Sew My Style March 2018

Welcome to Month 3 of Project Sew My Style! This month, we will be focusing on the Kalle pattern by Closet Case Patterns. This pattern comes with a few different options for length, collar, placket, pockets, and back pleat detail – it’s a choose your own adventure garment! I’ll be leading this month, so today, I’ve rounded up a few inspiration photos and fabric suggestions that have caught my eye as I began planning out my own project. Take a look, and let me know what you’ll be using to make your Kalle!

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2017 Make Nine Recap

Well, I told you guys that the Ice Cream Dress would be my last blog post of the year… But I lied a little bit. I decided to do one last post to re-cap my #2017MakeNine projects, and to go a little more in depth about what I’ve got planned for 2018!

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