sewing the Persephone Shorts in Denim
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Ivory Persephone Shorts – perfect for postpartum!

I’m excited to show off something new today, but I’ll be honest that this won’t be an excitingly new piece… In the fall of 2020, I sewed up a pair of Persephone Pants out of some really great ivory colored denim I’d purchased from Blackbird Fabrics. I had just enough denim leftover at the end to also cut out a pair of shorts. So this is literally the same pattern, same fabric, just shorter. Nothing groundbreaking here today, but heck, I sewed a pair of denim shorts and I feel good about that so I’m sharing anyway!

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sewing the Pepper Top in Stylish Fabric pontelle
Collabs | Fabric

A Pepper Top with Stylish Fabric, and some exciting updates!

Does it ever take you an eternity to sew something up, even though you’re super excited about it? That was me with this top! I picked out the pattern and the fabric months ago, and have had them ready and waiting to go… But time sensitive holiday sewing took precedence, and work got more demanding than usual, and by the time I finally got this thing together Texas Snowmageddon happened and I went into personal and professional survival mode while we weathered the storm… But I’m finally here! I made my Pepper Top, I love it, and I’m excited to share it with you today!

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sewing denim Persephone Pants
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Natural Bull Denim Persephone Pants

I have wanted these natural denim Persephone Pants for SO LONG you guys. I am constantly scrolling through the Persephone Pants hashtag on Instagram and making lovey eyes at all of the awesome pairs that all the other sewists in the world have made. I love the interesting balance of the tapered waist and the wide leg pant, and I’ve been so intrigued by the way this pattern comes together – no side seams!

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sewing Lotte
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Anna Allen Lotte Blouse with IndieSew

Today, I’m excited to bring you my 3rd make as part of the IndieSew Blogger Team! This quarter, I chose to sew up the Anna Allen Lotte Blouse in a beautiful striped rayon crepe fabric. I received my fabric and pattern, with the intent of sewing this top up towards the middle or end of this month, but as soon as it arrived I couldn’t stop thinking of what a great 4th of July top it would make, so I sewed it up much quicker than planned! As anticipated, this was the perfect top for a summer holiday – the fabric was perfectly light and breezy, the pink and navy stripes were the perfect muted combo of good old American red, white, and blue, and the top was loose and comfortable enough to accommodate the baby bump, while still allowing me to feel stylish and put together!

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