sewing a Wiksten Unfolding Jacket in Minerva jacquard canvas
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Striped Jacquard Wiksten Unfolding Jacket

Here is my “Baby Boy’s Maternity Leave Vacation Wiksten Unfolding Jacket” (gonna have to workshop that name…)! This jacquard canvas spoke to me as soon as I clicked on it. It comes in more than 10 colorways, and they are all lovely. In fact, when I reached out to Minerva to indicate that I wanted to work with this fabric, I’m pretty sure I listed at least 5 of the variations as options, knowing I’d love whichever one may get sent my way. This one has a lot of lovely detail up close, and from afar gives off an overall magenta hue. As is typical with jacquards, the weave of the fabric can be seen in different variations on the right and wrong sides of the fabric. With this particular fabric, it was difficult to identify the right vs wrong side without getting pretty up close and personal!

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