sewing the sicily slip dress in john kaldor satin
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Romantic Floral Sicily Slip Dress with Minerva

This was my first time to sew the Sicily Slip Dress, after months of cyber stalking it via Instagram. I had this dress finished and ready to wear almost one month before the actual wedding, because I was so nervous that with my minimal sewing time with a newborn around, I may not get it done in time! I was so glad to have it ready to go, but sewing it up this early presented a new obstacle… As a mama in the early postpartum period, my body was truly changing on a daily basis. I could tell early on that my body wasn’t “bouncing back” the same way that it did following my first pregnancy, and I wanted to be careful not to choose too small a size in this pattern and find myself unable to wear my dress when the wedding came around! In an abundance of caution, I ended up cutting and sewing size “D” in this pattern, and ultimately I wish I’d gone with a size smaller.

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sewing vogue 8253

Another Vogue 9253 – This time in GREEN!

There is probably an argument that 3 separate versions of a very specific style of dress might be a bit much, but you won’t be finding that argument here. This is my third (and likely, not last) version of the Vogue 9253 pattern, a kimono-inspired deep V-neck dress – this is time in a beautiful, sage green , floral crepe!

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