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Ultimate Floral Trousers

At the start of 2019, pants were still a super daunting sewing endeavor in my mind. It just seemed like so much more work to fit flat fabric to the curves of my hips, waist and bum than it did to sew a dress or top that could flow over my shape. However, I really pushed out of my comfort zone and sewed quite a few pairs of pants last year! These are my fanciest pants of 2019, which I love even more now than when I first made them. Check out the great fabric!!

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July / August 2019 Recap

It’s RECAP time! I sewed up SIX stash fabrics over the last two months, which I’m super happy about! My July sewing seemed a little slow, as I started my first ever pair of jeans about halfway through, but once I powered through that awesome project I was very productive throughout August! I had the luxury of taking some time off around my birthday, and just sit in my sewing room for an entire day and make stuff, which I haven’t done in many many months. It felt so great, and was the perfect birthday gift to myself. I also brought you guys in on the birthday fun by hosting a pretty awesome giveaway!! It was a super great couple of months, and here’s the outcome:

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