sewing the Portobello Trousers
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Meet MILK Tencel Crispy Crepe Portobello Trousers with Minerva

The 2020 Holiday Season left me feeling a little unmotivated to sew all the fun holiday clothes. I normally relish this season of sewing, enjoying all of the reasons to sew a little “frosting” and add a little extra sparkle and glitz to my everyday outfits. The number of holiday parties on my agenda this year was a hot zero, though, so glitz and glam just didn’t seem necessary. But these pants totally came through for what I needed for the holidays, and beyond!

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Elizabeth stands in a deep blue sweater made of a soft sweater knit. The sweater is sewn from the Fibre Mood Clara pattern. Elizabeth stands in front of a lush green wooded area.
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Fibre Mood Clara Top

I’m so excited to share this top with you today. This is my first time sewing with Fibre Mood to help promote their newest patterns (released today as Issue 11 of FibreMood Magazine). This is my second Fibre Mood pattern to work with, after the Mindy Dress, and I’ve been so impressed with the quality and design of their patterns.

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