sewing Sloan
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Hey June Sloan Leggings with IndieSew

If you happened to see yesterday’s blog post, then you know exactly what to expect today – the second half of my IndieSew Blogger Team post, and my first pair of leggings! I’ve paired up the Sloan Leggings by Hey June with this super great grey/black striped performance knit (both from IndieSew!) and made leggings to rival my favorite RTW pairs. I’m super excited to share the bottom half of this outfit with you all today.

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sewing Minttu
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Named Minttu Top with IndieSew

Happy Monday! I’m coming at you guys today with my second installation as part of the IndieSew Blogger Team. This quarter, I chose to make some “practical” garments that I could use in multiple areas of my life. My priorities included making something that I could be active in, but could also transition into casual outings without looking like I just came from the gym. And of course, whatever I made needed to be stretchy to accommodate this growing baby. I’m super happy with my picks!

I chose to sew up the Sloan Leggings by Hey June, alongside the Minttu Swing Top by Named Clothing. I’ve decided to split this outfit into two different posts, so that I can give each piece the love it deserves! So today I’m going to show off my Minttu Top, but tune in tomorrow to hear a little more about the Sloan Leggings (spoiler alert – I’m just pretty stinking pumped I made leggings!)

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sewing the Suki Kimono
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Suki Kimono – Sew My Style June 2018

I am super excited to share my Suki Kimono on the blog today! I knew that I was going to love this pattern before I even dug into it – I am a huge fan of Helen’s patterns, and was so impressed with the instructions when sewing up the Blackwood Cardigan last year. I’ve got plans to make the Winslow Culottes and the Avery Leggings, and the only reason I’ve been able to hold out this long on the Suki Kimono was because I wanted to be on track with Sew My Style!! I fell in love with this fabric from IndieSew when Allie released it back in January, and I knew it would be my perfect Suki Kimono. It has been sitting washed and ready to go on my shelf ever since, and I’m so glad to finally be wearing it! It is the perfect loungewear, and I have every intention of swanning around the house in this constantly throughout the summer. Side note – I’m also looking forward to the fact that this will be the most magical “me made” for May next year. I’ll be cute and put together in a me made garment, without ever having to actually change out of my pajamas the entire month!!

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sewing the Rosy Peña Wrap Skirt
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Tropical Marie Wrap Skirt

A wrap skirt in a tropical floral rayon challis… Does anything get more summery than that? I don’t think so. Grab the sunscreen & big hats, because I’m officially ready to lay out by the pool! See how I plan to bring this Rosy Peña Marie Wrap Skirt through every possible event this summer!!

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