sewing Meet MILK linen Winslow Culottes with Minerva
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Meet MILK Linen Winslows with Minerva

I have this weird romantic fascination with big, billowy linen beach pants. Normally, in my head, they are white linen, but when I saw this “warm sand” color, I thought it would be perfect for my big beachy dream pants, but also a warm enough color that I might be able to extend the wear a little bit into autumn without looking super silly in my big white linen pants!

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sewing the Elliot Tee in stylish fabric
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Stylish Fabric – Variegated Stripe Elliot Tee in Crepe Viscose Jersey Knit

It took me a long time to realize that making basics could be fun. Party dresses and novelty prints are my jam ALL. DAY. LONG. But solids and basics… Not so much. I always felt like I wanted to solely spend my sewing time creating beautiful special pieces and I was more than comfortable supplementing my closet with store bought basics. The longer I’ve been making my own clothes, though, the less inclined I feel to buy anything at a store. I feel proud to wear things I’ve made, and I find that no matter what, I reach almost exclusively for the me-made items rather than anything I’ve purchased.

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Elizabeth stands on the grass during golden hour wearing a pair of light colored handmade denim jeans, a red and white striped tanktop, and white converse tennishoes. In the background are trees and bushes. Her stance leans slightly to her left, and her right arm is bent upwards, keeping her hair out of her face.

4th of July Ashton Top

While a bright red, white, and blue color palette has never been quite my style, 2020 left me feeling less boldly patriotic than ever. this 4th of July I’m sharing my thoughts on 2020, being a US citizen, and my new Ashton Top (made for celebrating the 4th of July) on the blog today.

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sewing the Winslow Culottes
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Easy, Breezy Winslow Culottes with Stylish Fabric

When this fabric first caught my eye, I immediately pictured big, wide leg palazzo pants, flowing in the breeze while I sat poolside with a drink in my hand at an all-inclusive beach resort. I’m not sure the beach resort and poolside cocktail are in my immediate future, but I knew at the very least I could make the pants in that vision come to life! 

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