sewing the Wissew Camelia Dress
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July Monthly Make My Stash – Wissew Camelia (Maxi!) Dress

I’ve never purchased so much yardage of one fabric at once as I did with this Art Gallery cotton voile! A couple of years ago, when By Hand London first released the Alix Dress pattern, I fell in love with the idea of the Alix Dress in this dreamy, dark floral, and purchased the SIX YARDS of this fabric needed to sew it up. I had dreams of the boho vibes a maxi version of the dress would give, but other projects continued to take priority and it kept getting put off, as I had nowhere in particular to wear it.

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sewing the Mila Beach Pants
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Mila Beach Pants in Travel Light Jersey

First of all, let me start by telling you that Minerva has launched their new website – part online shopping platform, part creative social media network, I’m so excited about it. While you are searching through and considering purchasing a new fabric, you’ll also be able to scroll through garments that other sewists have already sewn in that fabric. This is SO helpful, as you’ll be able to get a better idea of how that fabric looks in real lifes – on real bodies, in action! It’s fantastic. That being said, this awesome feature would’ve come in very handy when I picked out this awesome fabric to work with. While I ended up loving what I’ve made, I was surprised at how different the fabric I received in the mail was than the fabric I’d imagined when I chose it, and I had to take a minute to reconsider my pattern choice and go a very different direction! So while you may find it odd that I am sharing some beach pants in November, I thought that these pants are just the perfect example of the awesome features that the new Minerva website will offer! (also, maybe you’re in a nother hemisphere and are looking for some summer inspiration – so I’ve got your back!)

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sewing the Sirocco Top and Ania Tunic
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Coffee + Thread Fall Blog Tour 2020

Hello! I am so excited about his post today! I was asked a month or so back to take part in the Coffee + Thread Fall Blog Tour, and I was truly so excited. Olga had asked a couple of years ago if I would like to be a part of the Madrid Dress Blog Tour, but unfortunately my schedule just wouldn’t allow for it at the time. I was pretty bummed, but I LOVED seeing all the beautiful dresses that were showcased as part of the tour. When another chance came around to participate, you can bet I was jumping on board!

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sewing the Dune Dress
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2nd Birthday Celebration Mama / Mini Matching Dune Dresses

When Super Bison Patterns reached out to me to try out their patterns, I was very excited. I was in the middle of thinking up great ideas for Mama / Mini Matching dresses for my tiny girl’s 2nd Birthday Celebration, and I’d already picked out some beautiful fabric but I hadn’t landed on the perfect patterns just yet. So when I started looking into the patterns by Super Bison, and landed on the Dune and Mini Dune dresses, it was all sorted. Check out my thoughts on the pattern and fabrics I used to make our dresses!

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