sewing the Closet Core Cielo Top in Liberty Lawn
Collabs | Fabric

Slightly Modified Liberty Cielo Top with Minerva

Whoops – I wrote this post in real time after sewing this top back in April of 2021. Somehow, despite having the post written and photos taken, I did not get this post published! So better late than never, here is the slightly modified Cielo Top I sewed using a beautiful Liberty Lawn kindly gifted to me from Minerva. It served me well over the past many months, but this fabric is perfect for autumn and is really about to shine as the temps get cooler!

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sewing the Autumn Orchid Midi Top Hack
Fabric | Patterns

Autumn Orchid Midi Top Hack

I sewed this beautiful Orchid Top back in October of 2020 with this IndieSew fabric that I’d held onto for quite some time since they had closed! I thought it was a perfect autumn fabric, and couldn’t wait to make something for the season out of it. By the time I got photos taken and edited, it was well into winter and I had other projects to post… And now it is October 2021! So I am excited to finally get around to posting this. Whoops!

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sewing Pumpkin Patch costumes for Halloween
Fabric | How-To | Patterns

DIY Halloween Costume – Pumpkin Princess and her Pumpkin Patch

It is OCTOBER! Time really flies – I’m more than halfway through my 12 week maternity leave, which is very bittersweet. We have an exciting month ahead of us in October. My brother-in-law will finally get married, after many COVID-related delays. My baby girl will turn THREE years old! And we will celebrate Halloween… Maybe in a more typical fashion than last year? Remains to be seen. I normally stay VERY up to date on posting my makes here on the blog, but as I’ve had some time to look through photos while I’ve been on maternity leave, I’ve realized that I missed a couple over the past year! Luckily, this one is just as relevant this year as it would’ve been last year, especially if you are looking for a fun (and simple!) family Halloween costume to DIY this month!

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sewing the Lahja Dressing Gown in Liberty Tana Cotton Lawn
Collabs | Fabric

Lahja Dressing Gown in Liberty Lawn with Minerva – the L&D Robe that wasn’t!

While I certainly didn’t expect to feel like a beautiful, perfectly styled princess while at the hospital for labor and delivery, I wanted to put together a few things that would feel pretty and meaningful – and keep me out of the hospital gown throughout my admission! When I was offered an opportunity to sew up the Named Lahja Dressing Gown in this beautiful Liberty cotton lawn as part of a kit from Minerva, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.

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